Ancorim, Atlantic network for coastal risks management
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Scientific resources

The database below is an inventory of the main scientific and technical resources in terms of coastal risk management in the Atlantic area.

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The information available concerns seven regions in the European Atlantic area:
-  Aquitaine (France)
-  Border, Midland and western (Ireland)
-  Brittany (France)
-  Central Portugal
-  Galicia (Spain)
-  Northern Portugal
-  Poitou-Charentes (France)

It is organised into three priority topics:
-  coastal erosion and mobility
-  water quality and its impact on economic activity
-  development of the urban and rural coastal area

Six resource typologies have been identified:
-  Actors
-  Studies
-  Projects
-  Networks
-  Legislation/governance tools
-  Websites

Each region involved has considered their own definition of these typologies, according to their own context. For a better understanding of the range of fields considered, please consult the appended document: “Consultation guide”.

Research is carried out by selecting the topic(s) concerned, the region concerned, and the type of resource sought.
A list of all of the possible results is available: by selecting the response(s) that interest you, you can see the information in more detail.

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